Do you want to learn Facebook Ads?
Go from absolute BEGINNER all the way to EXPERT with the only course that will help you create, launch and profit from running Facebook Ads. 
This Course Will Grow Your Business & Change Your Life...
Facebook Ads for Beginners Course Breakdown:
Facebook Ads for Beginners is a web based video led course that will help you create, launch, and profit from running Facebook Ads, even if you've never done it before. By joining this course, you will be getting step by step instructions on how to build a sales process that attracts and converts your ideal clients, build and setup sales funnels and setup as well as manage successful Facebook Ad campaigns. 

You and your staff will go from beginner to expert by going through step by step video learning sessions.  You will then execute your ad campaigns for ongoing success - followed up with a detailed training on starting and running a Facebook Ads Agency.

You will also work directly with superstar marketer and Social Media Expert Chris Wiser and his team, mastermind and an amazing peer group that grows larger every day.

THE RESULT: Quickly and Easily Make 5 Figures Per Month Running Facebook Ads
for Your Business or Other Local Businesses
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Still Have Questions?
  • When do I get access to Facebook Ads for Beginners?
    After enrolling, you will receive instant access to the video trainings as well as the Facebook Ads for Beginners Student community. You will also be invited to attend the Live Workshop Calls every Monday at 7pm CST for accountability, training, and feedback. These are incredibly valuable calls and are part of the secret sauce of succeeding inside Facebook Ads for Beginners.
  • Can I wait and buy later at this price?
    No. This offer is strictly available for a limited time. The doors will close and won’t open again until further notice.
  • What if I have questions or need support?
    Part of the success of Facebook Ads for Beginners is in the action-focused community and accountability. As a member of this community, you will be expected to engage, add value and pull your weight. Your community is here to support you, to keep you from getting distracted, to give you feedback and advice, and ultimately to help you succeed.  
  • How long does my membership last?
    Your membership in the Facebook Ads for Beginners and community lasts for life from the time you join. In that time, you will be able to create hundreds of successful ad campaigns, funnels and marketing strategies and see how powerful it is to consistently improve your sales system. 
  • What are the other costs are involved in running a funnel?
    If you have existing software in place for your business, then these costs will vary. However, the beauty of Chris Wiser's system is that you only need 5 tools (3 are free). If you ever want to host your own webinar, I recommend GoToWebinar because you can create the registration page, send all emails, and deliver the webinar using this one platform. For tracking your business and building your webinar slides, we use Google Sheets and Google Slides, both of which are at no cost. And finally, we recommend Stripe to handle your billing and ensure you get paid.
  • Again, some of you might prefer to use other tools, but this is what we’ve found to work the best, be the most cost-effective and be the most consistent. 
  • What happens after I purchase the Facebook Ads for Beginners Course?
    After you submit your order, you’ll create a username and password. This is how you’ll access the members’ area. That’s where you’ll find all of the video content, downloads, and access the bonus content. You will also receive an email confirmation of your purchase. 
  • How does the 30 day money back guarantee work?
    I'm excited to say that 100% of the members who have gone through my Facebook Ads for Beginners Course have made their money back through sales from campaigns. If you take action and follow the program for 3-4 weeks and don't make sales on your ad campaigns, I will give you your full purchase amount for your time. That's how confident I am that this will work for you. 
  • Will this work for people living outside the US?
    Absolutely. In fact, over 1/3 of current Facebook Ads for Beginners members live outside of the US. If you have an internet connection (and your prospect does too), this program can work for you.  
  • How quickly will I get a return on investment? 
    Since the goal is to make sales and profit from each campaign, the initial return pays for the campaign each and every week. My goal will be to help you get your first ad campaign running within the first week. I also realize that every business is different. If you have a long sales-cycle or if the offer isn’t resonating with the audience just yet, it will take longer as we optimize. But our team will work with you to shorten that process so you can get an ROI within the first several campaigns after launching.  
  • Will this work for me, I'm a newbie and have no idea what to do?
    I have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs. As long as you're motivated and put in the work, this will work for you. 
  • I'm not good with technology, can I still do this?
    I give you all the tutorials for the technology that you need to use. If you're reading this, you can do it.  
  • Are my credit/debit card details secure?
    Yes. All payments are processed through Stripe and are 100% secured using 256-bit encryption.

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